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  • Simon Harrison

    Simon Harrison

  • Philip Jones

    Philip Jones

    Maintainer of Quart, Hypercorn and various other Python HTTP projects.

  • Davide Sarra

    Davide Sarra

    Data Scientist

  • London Python

    London Python

  • Nader Dabit

    Nader Dabit

    Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node working with The Graph Protocol

  • Amichai Schreiber

    Amichai Schreiber

    I’m co-founder and CTO of Gloat (née Workey), bringing data science into the world of career navigation. I have 3 kids and a crazy dog.

  • >>> import python

    >>> import python

    Free Python Newsletter http://importpython.com/newsletter/ keeps you updated on what's happening in the world of Python. Curated By @originalankur

  • Austen Allred

    Austen Allred

    Co-founder of Lambda School — a CS education that’s free until you’re hired https://lambdaschool.com

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