Hey, Django dev, come here for a sec!

I heard you’re on Rails now, looking for some quick answers?

Yeah, I’m your man, got them right here.


I’m gonna be straight with you, Django’s ORM is nicer than Rails’s.

There, I said it. Now that it’s out of my system…

You are seasoned Django developer.

You are master of the models. Ruler of the views. King of the templates.

But fate has brought you to Rails now, and you feel clumsy, slow, googling every step of the way. You’re asking yourself how do I Django in Rails?

I’ve been there…

Wait, we’ve launched? Nice!

It’s been busy around here, real people are making real Stacks and we’ve been at our best to keep up. A whooping total of 600+ invite requests, 344 users and a nice round grand total of 150 Stacks!

Slowly but surely we’ve been bug fixing and…

Yeray Diaz

Freelance Software Engineer, London, UK. Twitter: @yera_ee

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